Slim Stories

"All I can say is I lost 50lbs while being
on the program for 40 days ..."

I started the program back in May. This review is late but I decided to write a review after 5 months of being off the program. All I can say is I lost 50lbs while being on the program for 40 days. Today I'm down 60lbs. If it wasn't for the staff at Slimwell Lyndsay plus the great coaches there also, I don't think I would of never lost all this weight without there guidance. I have tried plenty of diets but none of them seemed to work until I came across there plan. The diet worked for me and I'm sure it will work for anybody who wants to put there mind to it and loose weight. There was days when I wanted to give up, But when I saw my weight falling my motivation became even stronger. Till this day I still follow there maintenance plan and it helps keep the weight off and I feel great. I was afraid once I finished the diet all my weight would come back. But instead I've become more healthier and stronger plus kept the weight off. I would recommend the Slimwell diet to whoever wants to feel amazing and look better.

Dom L Calgary, AB  



"... Nothing else had worked in the past..."

I started the Slim Well program a day after the clinic opened in Toronto at the end of September 2016. After a number of very strict nutritional regimens and the lack of anticipated results, I came across this program at the lowest point in my life, hitting menopause and finding it extremely difficult losing the weight. I am extremely pleased to report that while nothing else had worked in the past, with the help and guidance of the extremely professional and informed staff both here and in Calgary, I was able to lose the weight I wanted to lose all while retaining the muscle mass with no stretch marks and no sagging skin! I've also kept it off to date while maintaining the eating habits I've learned to enjoy as I discovered very many foods that are healthy and enjoyable! While this is a very restrictive regimen, I found ways to enjoy the foods from the food guide and found that sticking to the full instructions allowed me to eat well and feel great at the same time with amazing energy levels I hadn't had in a long time! My sincere gratitude to staff in Toronto and Jessica in Calgary for the support, the motivation and the encouragement they have shown and keep showing while on the maintenance phase. THANK YOU!

Khatidja Mohammed, Markham, ON  


"... I finally reversed my Type II Diabetes."

I did the 40 day plan. Paid in cash to receive a discount. I am Type II diabetic. One week on plan and my numbers were better than I had seen in years! They have remained in a healthy range. My fasting was 7-8 when I started. After meals I could see numbers from 9-18!!! On plan my fasting was 4-6 and after meals 6-7.

I feel amazing. The staff is good. I like that a doctor and registered nurse looks over your file and lab work. You do not meet with the doctor on a regular basis I met with him once and it was fast.

Basically he told me to follow the plan to the letter and I'll see results. He was right!
I lost 30lbs painlessly in 40 days! I even went off plan for two weeks while on holidays!

I will do this two more times to lose all my excess weight. This really is a weight loss method that works.


My second round I lost another 18lbs. But best outcome my A1C is in normal range. I have finally reversed my Type II diabetes.

Tara B. Calgary, AB