How much weight can I expect to lose on Slimwell’s Doctor-Assisted Weight Loss Injection Program?

Many patients report a significant change in their weight and body composition—25 pounds of fat loss during our 40-day program on average! Results may vary depending on your body type and your adherence to other components of the program (i.e. diet, lifestyle changes, etc.). The weight loss may also not necessarily be spread out evenly—some days you may see little or no weight loss, while others you may notice more. This is completely normal. We focus on your fat loss overall and your muscle retention!

Are your injections painful?

Many patients ask this question, and the short answer is: no! Our injections are smaller than an insulin needle. Most clients have reported minimal, if any, discomfort whatsoever.


Why Injections?

The reason daily injections are utilized in our protocol is because it ensures you receive 100% purity in each dose of the prescribed hormone and, therefore, all of the benefit. There is a prescription attached to your slim injections so you know you are receiving the best quality, medical-grade product.


Are there any side effects to taking your injections?

You may experience a feeling of reduced appetite. This often aids clients in following the low-calorie diet that accompanies our weight loss with injection program. Some clients may feel slight fatigue and restlessness, or experience irregularities in their menstrual cycle. Our program aims to eliminate, or minimize, the occurrence of most side effects by providing close physician supervision and paying special attention to any prior health conditions.

Will I regain the weight I lost after I finish the program?

The Slimwell program differs from other diet programs because it supports the loss of fat, rather than muscle mass proven by our body composition scanning. Other people who have lost weight quickly often do so because their body loses muscle, rather than burning excess fat. This loss of muscle is detrimental to their metabolism. Thus, when they begin eating normally again, they are much more likely to retain fat and gain back the weight lost as quickly as they lost it. Slimwell’s Medically Supported Weight Loss with Injections Program is also beneficial in that it helps clients develop healthier eating habits and portion sizing. Many clients report that they naturally adapt to modified eating behaviour, and develop a healthier relationship with food.