lose fat, uncover muscle.

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1 lb a day. pure fat loss, not muscle.

At the heart of the Slimwell program is a low calorie, high protein diet that is paired with a daily dose of medically prescribed hcG and vitamin b12.

Despite being skeptical about if this weight loss program would work I must say I am extremely happy with the results and getting compliments daily. DR. A was great, always there to answer questions and providing food idea's. The girls at the location were great really made it a personal experience as they knew my name even after my 1st visit. Would definitely do this diet program again! :)

Joel G., Alberta

This is a great program for weight loss, it has been helping me lose the weight. I also want to thank Dr. Neha Ahluwalia MD for her support and guidance. She is great to work with and very understanding when you have your ups and downs.

Giovanna V., Ontario

Slimwell is an easy to follow program that allowed me to loose 20 pounds in about 6 weeks. Dr A. offered a brief but complete orientation that was simple to follow and offered timely answers to all my questions or concerns. She offered helpful advice that worked to address challenges. I particularly enjoyed that, unlike similar competitors, this program allowed me to continue the fitness activities I enjoy and encouraged incorporation of a wide selection of healthy vegetables at every meal. 

Laura B.

I am very happy and excited as I have lost about 23lbs in 30 days. Although I still have another 8 more pounds to go, I know I can achieve my goal eventually. Slimwell has changed the way I eat. Dr. A. has been a great help throughout my program. I will maintain this healthy lifestyle. Thank you Dr. A. and Slimwell!

Neshi K.